Thursday, January 29, 2009

January Updates for Your Media Player!

I'm not sure what the push was, unless the manufacturers were simply trying to keep to a once-a-month update schedule, but several of the newer media players have received firmware updates this month.

The Samsung P2 is more than a year old, but today I found two new games that work on it. Thanks to you can download them yourself. They are Sudoku Champ:
and Bubble Bang:
Released for the New Samsung P3, it is wonderful that Samsung has kept gameplay the same between the new P3 and the older P2. I'm a fan of Sudoku, and this version is very well done with a good touchscreen interface. Bubble Bang will get tiring after a couple of rounds, much in the same way that popping the bubbles of bubble-wrap does.

The Cowon S9 gets new 2.08 Firmware.
This is only a minor update over the previous 2.07 version, but a step forward none-the-less. You'll get:
- Improved page-up and page-down in documents mode.
- Displayed charging status when the device is connected to PC by USB cable.
- Improved low bit rate MP3 playback.
- They fixed the error that auto pivot was irregularly not working when auto pivot is just changed to be on.
- They fixed the error that displaying files abnormally when music in music favorites is playing in shuffle mode.
- They fixed the error that Bluetooth headset was not working when you turn on Bluetooth while some particular music files are playing.
Beyond new firmware the S9 now has a multitude of user-created interface alternatives, and custom versions of most apps that eliminate most of my original complaints about the player.

Iriver goes one step further with the 2.10 firmware update for the SPINN. It adds a Memo app that lets you draw or write directly on the screen.
The photo app has been improved. I can now rotate images easily, but apparently my photos are still not supported by the Zoom function. The Korean version had the capability to scheduled recording off FM radio, but once I changed to the US version that feature disappeared.

Even the iPod Touch gets an update this month. 2.21 firmware fixes some security flaws and a few other things. Minor, but appreciated!

So if you own any of these players, go get the updates. Their ability to be updated after purchase means your investment gets better as you continue to own it.


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