Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Kindle Books on Your iPhone/Pod Touch!

As rumored, Amazon has now released a Kindle ebook application for the iPhone. It took me 30 seconds this morning to find it and install it on both my iPod Touch and my Wife's iPhone. You enter the Amazon account that is used with your Kindle and you will immediately have access to all the books you had previously purchased on your Kindle. You can sort by Title or Author. You can GO to your most recent book/page. You can add, delete, or goto bookmarks, and everything you update in the Kindle app will be updated on your Kindle via whispernet as well!

If anyone doubted how well the Kindles new and old would do, you need to step back and realize that it's not about the hardware. Amazon make it's money selling ebooks. You can now shop for and buy Kindle formatted ebooks from your iPhone, and whispernet will keep everything synced between your Kindle-capable devices.
The Kindle application is free and available from the App store right now. Be warned, as I predict several hundred thousand people will be downloading it today.

Read Well!

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