Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cowon S9 gets Widgets!

UPDATE: The english version of the S9's new firmware is now available. For more information the download page is HERE. For a direct download of the 2.10 firmware ZIP file click HERE.

Not to be surpassed by the (upcoming) Samsung P3's user interface, the Cowon S9 is getting new firmware that includes widgets. From my point of view they don't add any new functionality to the S9, but do add visual distraction. The Korean companies (Samsung, iRiver, Cowon) are playing king-of-the-mountain with their touchscreen PMPs. I like it. Competition is a good thing.
The widgets include both digital and analog clocks, an alarm clock, battery level indicator, a mini photo viewer, shortcut menu to media apps, a play control, a recorder button, and memory status.
The firmware now allows using a photo from your collection as wallpaper/background image in the home and other menus. Also notice the battery level icon in the upper right corner. There are several other small bug fixes and improvements. The U.S. version is not out yet, but usually follows the Korean release (shown above) within a week. I'll post a download link when I see one.

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