Tuesday, March 17, 2009

iPhone Growing Up. iPod Touch Owners Screwed Again.

With Apple's press announcement today we discover that the iPhone and iPod Touch are getting significant new features in the upcoming 3.0 firmware update. Bluetooth stereo, although much appreciated, is just the tip of what is now possible using Bluetooth on these iDevices. The first generation won't benefit as it doesn't have a Bluetooth chip, but the 2nd gen Touch has had a Bluetooth chip in it from the start. The iPhone 3G will also get features the original iPhone won't due to hardware differences.

Looks like I'll be investing in a new Touch. Some examples of what will be possible include data updates from blood sugar meters, other health related technology, and accessories that might include keyboards (although they wouldn't say). Peer-to-Peer play is now supported. Maps within apps too. A new "Spotlight" page on the device where you can put your favorite and/or most used apps. Copy/Cut/Paste across all apps is now possible. Much more too. Subscriptions are now another way to drain your pocketbook via the app store.

I'll update this blog when I've got more to share. Looks like my search for the perfect media player may have been answered with the 3.0 update to the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Of course Apple doesn't believe in free firmware updates, despite the new firmware potentially making them more money once installed. Prepare to pay the $10 Apple Tax if you own a Touch. Pure iGreed from my point of view.


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