Thursday, March 19, 2009

Noreve Leather Case for the Cowon S9. My Review.

While my Cowon S9 is so good looking that it is something you want to show off naked, I need something with a belt clip to take it safely along with me. Noreve was fairly quick after the S9's release to come out with a beautiful leather case for it. I was a bit surprised when mine arrived that it didn't close with a snap. This case has magnets embedded in the cover and a metal plate in the body. It closes securely and doesn't come open on it's own or even when shaken vigorously. Fit is snug, yet the S9 slides in and out easily. It's a good thing, since to charge or sync the S9 it will have to come out of the case.
The S9 is well protected, yet the power, volume +/-, and headphone jack are all accessible with the cover closed. There is an opening on the back for the microphone and reset hole. Track and play buttons on the top are covered, but can be pressed through the leather. Noreve included a small screwdriver that made it easy to install the belt clip mount. If you don't need the belt clip there is a smooth decorative screw to cover the threaded mounting point.
I'm not sure if cows are demanding more pay, or getting more rare, but this case is one of Noreve's priciest at over $50. You can get a case from Jetmall for a little more than half what the Noreve case costs, but it won't be as nice. You'll need an appreciation for the Red color too. I think Noreve's case for the S9 is worth it's cost. You won't find a better case anywhere.

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