Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sumac Leatherette Case for the Samsung P2

This Chinese made Sumac Brand case for the Samsung P2 caught my eye. AT $13 it looked like a reasonable investment, and when it finally arrived at my house I was happy I'd ordered it. It features a snap closure, rotating belt clip, openings for all the P2's controls, and generally excellent construction.On first open of the package the smell of black die/solvent was obvious. I've noticed no wearing of the color or rubbing off though. The smell disappeared quickly. This case is NOT leather, however it fools most people that see it.

The belt clip has the name KroO stamped into it, which I presume is the actual name of the Chinese company that made the case. The clip rotates 360 degrees, clicking solidly into position every 45 degrees. This clip does not detach from the case, and does slip over and stay on my belts reliably. With the snap on the front the case opens easily while on your belt. Even closed it gives you access to the P2's external controls and headphone jack.
While this case is not as nice or functional as my Noreve leather case, at 1/3 the price I'd have to rate it an excellent value. I'd love to find a case this well made and low in price for my Samsung Instinct.

Buy one!

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