Sunday, August 31, 2008

Peltor Worktunes Hearing Protector/Radio

I'm a woodworker, lawn mower, music lover, and technology addict (among other things). As such, I couldn't resist trying out these hearing protector/headphones from Peltor. They've got a built-in AM/FM radio, and have an 1/8" stereo jack for using the included patch cord with your MP3 player, Walkman, CD player, etc.. The digital LCD display makes finding your station easy. They use two AA batteries (not included) and have a low-battery warning indicator. There are ten memory presets to store your favorite channels.

They are rated for 22 Decibels of noise reduction. For comparison, the range of noise reduction ratings for existing hearing protectors is 0 to 30, with higher number denoting greater effectiveness. I find them very good at blocking external sounds, including bringing the dangerous noise levels of my lawn mower, radial arm saw, and planer down to harmless levels.

AM and FM reception is clear and strong. The single knob on these headphones rotate from OFF to volume control. There is an AM/FM band select button, forward and reverse scan, and a memory button.

Using the included patch cord, music from my Zune was good sounding overall but bass tracks were a little weak. Not the best headphones I've got, but far from the worst. They ARE the best at blocking out external noise.

Currently you can get the Peltor Worktunes from Amazon for $47.99. I recommend these over other models without the digital display.


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