Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wearing the JBL headphones.

A reader, El RotaMundo, was kind enough to post a comment regarding how headphones look ON your head. I agree that headphones are rarely shown being worn in reviews online.
I'm here to stop that. While your results may vary depending on hair color, amount of hair, size of head, shape of head, and lighting conditions, I believe the JBLs look fine on my head. Minimal Princess Leia effect:

So thank you, El RotaMundo. When I can, I'll post pictures of headphones on someone's head from now on. Great idea!



  1. hi. so i'm curious, do you wear your out and about in public?
    i certainly do, maybe i'll take a photo, maybe i have one.
    but here in spain many people wear big headphones, as in the uk they do.
    i think my jbls are one of the best looking headphones around, so that combined with the sound quality convinced me to part with the money.

  2. Thanks for the photos, I have lost my bookmarks (Windows reinstallation) and I could not find your blog up to now.

    Thanks again for hearing your audience's petitions XD