Saturday, August 23, 2008

JBL Reference Series 610 Bluetooth Headphones

I finally received my JBL reference series 610 bluetooth headphones. Well packaged with glossy black and chrome surfaces well protected. I'm impressed with what they came with:

- Bluetooth adapter for iPods
- AC battery charger, with interchangeable plugs for various countries.
- USB to 3.5mm headphone plug 1.75m cable, in case the battery runs out.
- Stereo Phono adapter
- Carrying case.
- Multi-Language user Guide.

I haven't been able to use the ipod adapter with any other bluetooth headphones. Not a big problem. The 610s paired fine with my iPod Touch and both my Samsung P2 and my Instinct phone. I'm assuming they'll also pair with my Philips and Insignia players.

Great sound. I could clearly hear the bass tracks of my favorite songs. They do an excellent job of blocking external noise. Very comfortable. Easily adjustable. The right earcup has all the normal remote controls on it. The power button is on the left cup. Unlike my Sony BT50 headphones, these do not come with a microphone and as such can not be used as a bluetooth cell phone headset.

For $120 now at, I'd rate these an excellent buy.


  1. Hi, thanks for doing a review for the iPod touch... that was what I was waiting for.

    I have an iPod touch and an iPod Classic, and JLB would be perfect for me.

    I know what I am going to ask for is something... rare, but I am willing to risk, haha...

    The only one thing which make me rethink the purchase is the headphones shape. I could observe it and it really beautiful, but I could never see it "with a head", I mean, headphones photos are only showed alone, without any person using it.

    And it remember to Princess Leia, and I do not want to look like her, haha...

    so, could you upload a photo with headphones... or if not... do you look like Princess Leia when using it??

    Thanks, and so sorry for my poor English

  2. I think with the beard, he would have a hard time looking like princess anyone. :)

  3. I've been accused of looking like an ogre, a troll, and several other fairlytale characters. Yet no one has mistaken me for Prince, a prince, or a princess. ;)

  4. The best thing is, there was no wire connecting me to a stereo. Added to this, the music quality was superb. I fear I’ve had many similar experiences cooking, cleaning, tidying and blogging while listening to Chvrches, Lights, Paolo Nutini, Jimi Hendrix and so on. My wife has got used to calling after me and getting no response because I’m listening to music. I’ve gone off on a tangent. Let’s consider the Headphones. I’m no stranger to JBL’s products having reviewed its Soundfly wireless speaker system. I also had several of its products demonstrated to me at a special event held for dad bloggers a couple of years ago.

  5. JBL is recognized name in the audio industry and they never disappoint....

    people trolling you are nuts... dont pay attention to them.. keep up your goodwork...

    haters gonna hate.. you gonna live your life...