Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Samsung P2 Cases

One of the first things I recommend to new owners of portable devices is that they get a case for it. When the Samsung P2 first came out there was only one case for it that I knew of, the DLO Action Jacket. I started with this case, but quickly became annoyed with it because the plastic screen cover became cloudy and scratched up. I like the option of using it's rotating belt clip or arm band. Very expensive. I'll let you judge for yourself. It's available at Best Buy.
There are three main types of cases, and I picked up one of each. First is the Noreve leather case.

Noreve cases are extremely well made. The stitching is well done. The case fits very well, and has necessary cutouts for the P2's controls. It comes with a well engineered and removable belt clip. The case closes with a snap. The same snap comes in handy with the case open. You can reverse the snap strap with the case open to make a nice handle to slip your hand through. sells very inexpensive plastic (crystal) and silicone cases for the P2. The clear crystal case the sell is a perfect fit for the P2. It snaps over the P2 securely. Necessary cutouts for the screen and controls are provided. It came with a white plastic belt clip which I'm not that impressed with, but it did succeed in keeping my P2 securely hooked to my belt for a day.

The last case I'll show is another from eforcity. The black silicone case for the P2 endows the rather slippery P2 with enough texture to hold onto securely. The seam on my case needs a little trimming, for from the factory it has a rough ridge between front and back halves. It came with the same white plastic belt clip as the crystal case, and also has two slots in the back you can slip a belt through. I find the case most handy when I want to slip the P2 in a pocket. The added friction of silicone keeps the P2 in place.

Thanks to being able to choose the right case for any excursion I might take with my P2, it remains scratch free and brand new looking.
My advice? Get a case. Get a case. Get a case!


  1. nice review 4D, now your really tempting me to buy one.....

  2. wOOz!

    i will import the DLO, Crystal and Silicone Cases...

    pD :: i back here again thx to google

    pD2 :: my p2 16gb comes to me - currently oversea - at this moment... from UK!!!... iim soo happy!!

    pD3 :: 4D do it again