Friday, November 23, 2007

Another Computer Desk

This desk was designed for a specific corner in my father's house. Located under the basement stairs, the space was limited in width and depth. The nicest feature is the gate-leg, which allows the broad top to fold down flat against the body of the desk.
The original PC was a horizontal case that fit perfectly on the upper shelf you can see that was accessed from the side of the desk. The whole thing could be easily wheeled about on casters, and thanks to that fold-down top would roll though any door opening with ease. I used the gate leg idea on two later desks with the same success.

My father eventually got a new computer, and of course it wouldn't fit horizontally. Fortunately there was enough height on the lower shelf. My father also didn't like the position of the monitor. Too far away, and up too high. He eventually moved it down just behind the keyboard and was very happy.
What would I change? I would make the shelf area more configurable. The desk has good cable management, but would complicate the modern need to plug your latest USB gadget into the CPU. I would probably install a USB hub where it could be easily accessed from the top. Lastly, modern LCD monitors eliminate the need for such depth in a computer desk. The whole thing could be a foot less deep or more.
Tell me what you think.

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