Friday, November 30, 2007

More Computer Furniture

This is a cabinet I designed for my department to allow students to store and secure their computers in. There are two front wheels, actually scooter wheels, that allow the cabinet to be tipped forward and wheeled around easily. Rooms get re-assigned each semester, so the cabinets often have to be re-assigned as well. The top shelf was designed for up to 19" CRT monitors. Since this cabinet was designed LCD monitors have become the norm and students have found they can fit up to 22" wide screen LCDs . The second shelf slides out as a keyboard/mouse tray. Lower shelves are used for printers/scanners/whatever at the student's discretion. Made primarily from 5' square sheets of 3/4" thick Baltic Birch plywood, the top and bottom are the exception and are 1.125" Tru-pan, a light weight fiber board. the shelves have assorted hardwood strips in the front edge.

There were around 50 of these desks made and as far as I know they are still in use and surviving well. The students have made the occasional modification, usually in an attempt to create better ventilation for their over-clocked over-heating monster PCs.

Would I change anything? I might make the interior more flexible. Right now the keyboard shelf has more than enough rooms, so making the monitor shelf adjustable might allow for the larger 24" and 30" monitors coming out.

I've got complete plans, a cut list, and production steps. If you are interested leave a comment here with a way to get in touch with you. I'll email the documents for free, or mail prints of them for a small fee.


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