Saturday, December 20, 2008

FLASH: The New Application Strategy?

1. There is a new trend from the Korean MP3 player manufacturers to include a FLASH player in their new MP3 devices. The iriver SPINN, Cowon S9, and Samsung P3 all have 480 x 272 touchscreens and a Flash player app on board.

2. WiFi is one feature of the iPod Touch that is hard to compete with. The App Store with thousands of applications for the Touch is the other. High end players from anyone else would need a similar source of apps to even begin to steal market share from Apple. Having better Audio output, FM radios, and Bluetooth isn't enough.

I predict we'll begin to see incentive from the Korean manufacturers to develop Flash applications for the new family of touchscreen players. Maybe even an online store and profit share strategy for developers. I pick up my Samsung P2 when I want to listen to Music, but the iPod Touch is my main source for games. I'd LOVE to find a source of great applications that would play on the SPINN, Cowon S9 and P3. New products would then only have to include a Flash player to have instant access to all those apps.

What do YOU think?


  1. p3 or p4, ever i wanna to get the best... p4 really would be the big brother of p3?

  2. In the same way that the iPod Touch with WiFi is unique from the P2 (no WiFi), the P4 is likely to also be unique from the P2/P3, an close in competition to the iPod Touch. That's the only way it makes any sense to me.

  3. Flash files for a MP3 player is a nice idea. Flash files are small and great as videos and games. Why couldn't the P2 play flash files if it were programed into it?

  4. I'd love it if the P2 could play FLASH. I'm hoping Samsung gives the P2 one more update when the P3 comes out, so the P2 can play the same FLASH games/apps as all the other similar devices. It would be a very honorable thing for Samsung to do.

  5. An app store for Flash games would be good. However, the files would be wide open to piracy. To be successful, it would need to be easier to buy the games legitimately than to just grab the torrent.

    Perhaps advertising supported Flash games is the solution?