Monday, November 17, 2008

Noreve Case for the Samsung Instinct. My Review

The most frustrating thing about being an early adopter is the lack of accessories for new devices. This was true when I picked up my Samsung Instinct on the day it was first released. It came with a cheap slipcase, but I prefer carrying my phone on my belt. It took awhile but eventually came up with a case and I couldn't resist. You can get Noreve's Instinct case in several colors, although you may have to wait a few weeks for the less common ones. For $10 more you can get it in a Dark, Passion, or Sandy Vintage leather. I didn't buy the case without knowing what I was getting. I've already got a Noreve case for my Samsung P2 and I picked up one for my wife's iPod Touch as well. I knew I could expect great quality.
I wasn't disappointed. The case arrived via Postal Mail today, well packaged and with no damage. It holds the Instinct snugly, and has openings for the microphone and speaker as well as all the external buttons.

The case came with an optional belt clip. A small screwdriver was included to facilitate installing the notched metal post you see above. The clip slides on securely and is still easy to release when you need to.

The case closes with a metal snap. The cover nicely articulates to make it easy to hold when open and talking on the phone.

The Instinct uses MicroSD cards, and the cover has pockets for two of them. The only thing not accounted for is the stylus that comes with the Instinct. The original slip case has a pocket for the stylus. As I grew used to the Instinct I found I used it less and less. I doubt I'll miss having it with me when I use the Noreve case. Still it is something you should consider if you depend on the stylus.

I can't find any defects or loose threads on the case. My phone feels well protected inside it. At this point I have to recommend the case highly. While they are expensive, Noreve often has 10% or 15% discount codes you can use on your purchase. If you need a case for your Instinct, then this is probably the best you'll find.


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