Monday, July 14, 2008

Ipod Touch. 2.0 Firmware and Apps!

Yes, the iPod Touch has now been updated with version 2.0 of Apple's firmware. Unless you can find another way, it will cost you $9.95 from Apple. This update primarily adds access to the Apps store, where so far there are more than 800 applications available for download to your Touch or iPhone. There are a few other improvements including:

Calculator App now shows a scientific calculator in landscape mode, and the same simple calculator in portrait orientation. Much appreciated. Thank you, Apple.

Screen Shots. You can now take a snapshot of whatever is on your screen by pressing both the Home button and the Power button at the same time. the screen will white out for a second as the image is captured, and the photo will appear in your Photo App's "Saved Photos" folder. The photo of the Scientific calc above was taken that way.

I won't review the assorted Apps available. A free one I find useful is REMOTE, by Apple. It lets you take control of your iTunes applications via wifi from your Touch or iPhone. Your PC need to be on the same network, and your Touch has to be connected to that network via wifi. I've got a great sound system connecting via bluetooth to my iMac. I can sit in the sweet spot of my system, and wirelessly pick and choose songs from my iTunes library to listen to. Neat trick.

Is the 2.0 update to the iPod Touch worth it? Yes. Even if you never buy an App from the App store, the value of the free ones is easily worth $10.

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