Saturday, March 22, 2008

Wood iPod Touch Stand

There is a forum at MacRumors for the iPod Touch. One member posted a video of how he'd turned a mini-DV tape case into a stand for his iPod Touch. I keep my Touch in a case, but am appreciative of how clever of a solution this was for anyone who needed another way to prop their Touch up for watching a movie. I'm a woodworker, and decided I could make a stand out of wood easier than anything else. Below is the prototype. It was made from the end off a pine 2x4. The iPod Touch is 8mm thick. I made the slot in the wood block for the Touch using a 21/64ths drill bit, then cut the parallel angled sides with a band saw. The pine is raw, and would look better with a finish or a paint job. I'll probably make a nicer one, with more refined lines, from Walnut or Cherry wood.

I cut the front lip at the same height as the lower edge of the screen. You can also stand your Touch vertically in the stand. The stand width is the screen's narrow dimension.

Let me know what you think. This stand was relatively easy to make. I might make a few to sell if there is interest. Watch this blog for images of the hardwood version(s) when I get around to it.



  1. Good idea!

    Feel free to see some wood iPod Touch cases made from a single piece of mahogany and other such curiosities at

    I've been playing around with making a decent stand -- but want it to include the handling of the data cable and sound/line out cord.

  2. In the horizontal position there is no need to have a line-out or data cable connection in the stand. This stand, though it's not visible, has a feed hole for a 1/8" stereo cable plug that lines up with the Touch in it's standing position.

  3. Well I am making a first attempt at one, so I just grabbed a piece of wood from my neighbors dumpster. I don't have a band saw at my house so I took a mitter saw and sawed free hand at an angle and unfortunately I didn't have a coping saw and didn't think of using a drill to get the middle piece out, so I knew it wasn't going to turn out anyway so I took a chisel and hammer and chiseld the wood out of the middle (not something I would ever do) and then i drilled a hole through the bottom so you could do a vertical stand and it worked but the bottom home button can be hard to press, so with my lack of tools I attempted to chisel out a roundish dip into the wook, and cracked the whole front in the process so I plan on starting over with some nicer wood and real tools from my school which should allow me to get a professional product like that.

    Nice Design, I like the rounded front.