Sunday, March 30, 2008

iPhone Stand

Just a quick post. This is a rough wood prototype for a cherry wood iPhone stand. The stand allows the iPhone to lay horizontal or stand vertically. Still working on the details. Feel free to post any opinions you may have about it.



  1. awesome , just awesome :-)
    good job ,looks like alot of effort has gone into this ,
    i reckon you could paint them up and chuck em on ebay , i know id buy one ..

  2. Thanks, livebotts. I may make a small production run sometime. Not much of an ebay fan though, so selling them is a little trickier.

  3. Yes...thats what I am looking for. Sadly not for sell. Honestly consider to make few and put them on will be positively surprised.

  4. The only reason I'm not making a binch of these is because thanks to Apple there are now 4 form factors to deal with. Two Touch and two iPhones. The stand pictured fits my Gen1 Touch but doesn't work with the Gen2 Touch because it's back is shaped different and the volume buttons on the side get in the way.