Thursday, November 15, 2007

Media Access with iPod Touch

I've been struggling for a few days to figure out how to access my own music collection wirelessly from my iPod Touch. Today I figured it out, thanks to help from the IpodTouchFans forum.

It took Tversity, a free download I installed on the PC that has all my music stored on it. Find out more by visiting I then had to tell VISTA's firewall to allow the mediashare application to get through it. I added the folders I wanted to share into the Tversity application, and told it I'd be sharing my media with an iPod/iPhone.

From my Touch's Safari Browser I go to that media PC's IP address and the media port. Once connected I have access to all the media (music, pictures, and videos) that I have told Tversity to share. Tveristy also has an option to allow me to access my media from ANYWHERE I might find internet access, but I haven't tested that yet. It is incredible to be able to access and sort though my entire music collection and listen to any file I find without needing to sync or download anything to my Touch. Take that, Zune!

Tversity isn't perfect. So far I haven't gotten any software to let me watch DVDs from my collection on my Touch. I REALLY want to figure that one out. Music can't be queued up to play. Safari isn't smart enough to play each song in an album sequentially or randomly the same way the iPod's music player can.

My prediction this time is that I WILL find a way to stream DVD movies from my collection to my iPod Touch. I know my home router is fast enough to stream DVDs wirelessly. I'm not sure if the iPod can handle such large files. Others have figured out how to compress DVD files to me synced onto the Touch, but that obviously fills up the 8Gig memory in a hurry.

That's it. Bye!

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