Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Future Thoughts


I guess this is as good as any other starting point. This blog will hopefully be a useful output point for all my future ruminations, as I am a future thinker. For example, I know no one will read this until sometime after I write it. No point in writing for the moment, eh?

iTouch. We went to get a Nano for my wife, but came home with an Ipod Touch for me. Wonderful technology, a little hampered in it's first rendition. I can't believe Apple doesn't already have plans for greater utilization. Makes sense, as a new device that is perfect from the start leaves no demand for the "next" version. The hacker community has already found a way to add more functionality to it via 3rd-party application install. I predict Apple will eventually update the device with much of what the best 3rd-party apps are giving the hackers. Email is a no-brainer. Contacts too, although I'm not sure the contacts application is crippled as I've been able to add data to it.

I'll add another prediction: that with it's great multi-touch technology, there will be a version of brain-age made for it. I don't own a Nintedo dual screen, but the best games for it could probably be ported to the Ipod Touch.

That Multitouch screen is also needing a killer application. About all it is good for with installed applications is to zoom in (I'll call that flicking) or zoom out (pinching) on information. I can see a great 3D modeling potential, with multitouch letting one interact somewhat like molding clay.

More futures for the Ipod Touch, I'm sure.

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