Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sony Tablet S gets Updated to Android 3.2!

That's right.  The S has only been out for a day or two, but mine is downloading an update to Android 3.2.   No indication if there is are any Sony enhancements on top of what 3.2 brings, but you have to give Sony props for getting this tablet updated so quickly.

The update is 183.1mb, and will take awhile to download.  Mine looks like it'll finish after 20 minutes or so. It will warn you to plug in the AC charger before continuing.  Once ready the tablet reboots to install the update.

OK, now all updated.  No new apps I can see. Looks like all we get is the few new features Android 3.2 brings.

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  1. Hey 4d, just wanted to let you know I just got the Iconia a100! its pretty awesome, the review helped, so thanks alot. Also, does that logitech android keyboard work for the 1st gen ipad too? or only the 2nd gen one?

  2. @Shadow: There is a version of the Logitech keyboard just for iPads. It should work with both the first iPad and the iPad2 over bluetooth. I don't have an iPad 1 to test though.

    Enjoy the A100. I'm loving mine!