Sunday, September 11, 2011

Logitech Tablet Keyboard (for Android 3.0+) Review.

The most obvious feature of Logitech's Tablet Keyboard for Android is not the keyboard itself.  Logitech was smart to realize tablets go portable in briefcases or satchels or purses, and if a useful keyboard goes along it needs to be protected when inside that briefcase. This keyboard comes with a hard shell slip-case. Better yet, the case pops open and re-configures to become an adjustable stand for just about any tablet with Bluetooth.
The clamshell case stays closed with magnets. It will protect the keyboard keys but doesn't grip the keyboard in any way to prevent it from sliding out.  Once hinged open, a fold-out flange reconnects to form a triangular stand.  That flange will extend another 1.5 inches to allow adjusting the angle the tablet sits at by a few degrees.
The keyboard runs on two AAA batteries that were included. There is an On/Off slide on the top right, and a Connect button on the back. The bottom has rubber feet on each corner to keep it from sliding about.

Beside the normal alphabet and numerals, the keyboard has extra functions for android.  They include Volume up and down, Play/Pause, Forward/Previous, and shortcuts to Calendar, Browser, Music, and Email apps. There are also specific Home, Back, and Menu, and Search keys.  The Caps Lock key has an LED to remind you when it is ON.  Keys are normal size and spaced the same as the keys on my full-sized desktop keyboard.  The direction keys are the only keys that are smaller than usual.   Shift, Enter, Backspace, CapsLock, and Tab are all wider than a single letter key.

This keyboard even works with a PC. Not all function keys work as expected, but it'll do if you need a lighweight and wireless keyboard to get back from your PC a bit. I connect mine with my PC and have typed this review using it.  Media and volume keys work. The Home button will take you to your Home page if you have a web browser open. Back works like a browser's Back button. Search opens a search window, and the direction keys move your cursor in the expected direction.

Logitech also makes a Tablet Keyboard for iPad. This Android version does pair and connect to my iPad, but not all the Android-specific keys have a function in iOS.

All in all this is a great package.  The mostly plastic keyboard is well made with a matte black finish and has a nice action to the keys. It paired easily with both my Galaxy Tab and PC, and iPad2 (not at the same time), and had no problem maintaining the connection with either.  The case/stand is very useful and cleverly functional.  I paid $60 for mine, and that's the same or less than you'll pay for any Bluetooth android keyboard that doesn't include a case/stand.   If you're interested in a keyboard for your Bluetooth enabled Android 3.0+ tablet, I highly recommend this one. 


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