Monday, June 27, 2011

HTC Evo 3D. Love it!

Dual 5mp Cameras with Flash.
I previously wielded the HTC Hero Android phone, and although it worked fine it was so un-inspiring that I usually left it at home.
Friday I swapped it for the HTC EVO 3D and won't let it out of my sight. Here are a few key reasons why anyone looking for a new smart phone should seriously consider this phone: 
  • It is big. The 4.3" inch Super LCD 540x960 QHD resolution 3D display is crisp and beautiful too.
  • It prints to WiFi printers. No special apps needed.  It found my Canon WiFi printer and now prints wireless from email, photos, contacts, calendar, browser, and many other apps. Many Canon, Epson, and HP WiFi printers identified as supported so far. 
  • It is blazing fast. The 1.2 GHz Dual Core processor moves the UI from "a little hesitant" to "fluidly natural".  Nearly intuitive.  It boots fast, plays 1080p videos, and handles 3D games with aplomb.
  • FM Radio including RDS.  Local channels.  No need to miss local news, sports, weather alerts, or school closings. Headphone required as antenna.   
  • It has 3D capabilities. Photos taken and viewed, Videos recorded and viewed, Games played.
  • Sense 3.0
  • Customize Live Lock Screen. One glance to check the time, temperature and conditions, and quick access to phone, email, messages, and the camera.  Or configure it how ever you want it.
Lock Screen
The charge port is a microUSB jack on the left side. It may also be a MHL port  (outputs via HDMI to HDTVs) although I haven't verified that yet.  The right side has a volume rocker and dedicated camera button.  The headphone jack and power button are on the top edge.
Mini USB charge port on left edge.
Camera, 2D-3D switch, and volume rocker.
Headphone jack and Power button.
You also don't have to worry about access to your music from your phone.  Just sign up for Google Music Beta.  All my music has been uploaded to Google's servers, and with the Music app I can access it on any Android device or even iOS devices using their web browsers.
The large screen is delightful for photos and videos.  2D or 3D.  Several examples came with the Evo 3D, and the cameras can take 3D photos or video as well.  There are also several 3D videos on YouTube which you can enjoy with no glasses on this phone.
Sample Photo
Conclusion:  This is an amazing phone. The specs alone allow it to perform.  Add Sense 3.0 for a delightful experience.  Enjoy your favorite Android apps or flash-based web games.  For those wondering if it is better than the iPhone, you should know that after seeing mine my Wife traded in one of her two iPhones for her own Evo 3D.


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  1. So the screen is glasses-free 3D, like the 3DS?

  2. Yes. 3D and no glasses needed.


  3. Could you tell me what the black thing under the phone is and where you got it? Looks very useful!

  4. @Delano: It is a little folding stand I got with an old Samsung MP3 player awhile back. It has "Samsung" embossed on the top. Haven't seen it for sale anywhere. You're right it is very useful.


  5. Great article 4D (saw it on XDA). Will definitely be retweeting this ;)

  6. I've had my Nokia 5530 for about 2 years and it always had that same HTC Sense feature (flip over the phone so that it ends ringing). Seems rare to me that feature wasn't available for HTC phones.

  7. The Evo 3D does have that feature. Don't know if my Hero did, as I think I only ever had one call as I never gave anyone my number.