Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Creative's Zen Touch 2 gets an Upgrade to Android 2.2!

It didn't take them long.  Creative appears to be serious about the android tablet market.  Their 7" and 10" Ziio tablets have recently received update to android 2.2.  It came with additional features that make them better values than they were when first releases.  The Touch 2 is a pocket player.  It comes in three versions.  I reviewed the one with GPS a few weeks ago.

  • Upgrades the OS from Android 2.1 (Eclair) to Android 2.2 (Froyo).
  • Adds the Audible application (for selected regions only).

So how much is the UI improved?  

  • No apparent improvements to the Music app. No EQ to be found.
  • The Power Widget is buggy.  After three reboots it "almost" works right again.             
  • Powered down while plugged into USB shows a nice battery status display with backlight dimmed.
  • 5 Home pages now, an improvement over the three available in the last version of the firmware.
  • On-screen dots to indicate the current page as well as allow a tap to move to other pages.  
  • The BestTube (YouTube) app runs but crashes trying to preview videos and freezes trying to download videos.
As I come across any new or broken features I'll add them here. Leave a comment if you have one. Not sure if anyone but me has bothered.



  1. Hey 4d, do you own this tablet? and is there a review coming? Also, I just started a blog about technology and music, and was woondering if you could give me some pointers you can reach me at dvsskater000@gmail.com or shadowskater555@hotmail.com Thanks!

  2. Yes, I own one Shadowskater: http://4dthinker.blogspot.com/2011/03/creative-zen-touch-2-with-gps-my-review.html.

    Best advice I can give it to read as many tech/music blogs as you can find and then decide what you like best about them. Do that.


  3. Hey 4D,
    We just went on a family trip to mexico and my wife wanted to buy a 2nd portable dvd player for our 2nd child. I held her off by loading some movies on the iTouch instead. The kids loved it and I liked the fact that we could take a tiny iTouch with us instead of a dvd player and a pile of dvds. In light of this I would like to get rid of the dvd player all together and was wondering what device you would recommend for mostly playing video content, capable of playing many formats and is expandable with a sd slot. Possibly with a cheap option and a more expensive one. Appreciate it if you have any advice.

  4. Neil: Archos is famous for their video codec support. They have a range of android tablets from 4.3" screens to 10.1" screens. The 10" has an SD-HC slot. The 7" come in two versions, microSD-HC or a 250gb hard drive in it. The 10.1" version's screen is getting bad press for poor off-angle visibility, but I enjoy my 70it with 250gb drive.

    Not all android devices have the same codec support, so be sure to check what they'll play if considering any other. The Nook Color ebook reader plays MP4 videos, but not much else. It has a great screen and microSD slot too.


  5. Hi 4D,
    I just bought a Creative Zen Touch 2 (with GPS) from eBay.
    How do I differentiate Creative Touch 2 and Creative Zen Touch 2 (with GPS)?
    And I could not update to Android 2.2 as my current firmware version is 2.1 -update1 with build number 1.00.38e.
    Do you have any solution on this?
    Thank you.

  6. The Touch-2 with GPS also has an FM radio. If your Cretive has a radio app that works, then it is the GPS model.

    As for updating, go to Creative's web site and you can find the firmware download there along with instructions on how to install it.


  7. Hi 4D,

    Is the FM radio is installed in the Touch 2 (with GPS) or I have to download it?
    And how do I enable the GPS function? Which 3rd parties software you recommend?
    Could not upgrade by Creative's instruction, will inquire the technical team.
    Thank you.

  8. The radio app came installed on my Touch-2. As for GPS, just look in settings for location services and there should be an option to use GPS. It will activate when a GPS app or maps app needs it.