Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Archos' Latest Tablets got a Firmware Update Today.

If you are still undecided about getting one of Archos' latest tablets, then you don't have any more excuses. Today they updated the firmware to version 2.2.1.  It includes 30 individual fixes for the tablets including:
  • Video: fix some audio glitches after seeking WMA files
  • Video: add support for MTS files
  • Video: bring UTF-8 and UTF-16 encoded subtitles format support
  • Video: fix SUB subtitles sometimes truncated
  • Video: add IDX/SUB subtitle handling
  • Video: fix http://.*mpeg playback
  • Video: support resume and bookmark for network shares
  • Video: fix some FLV files not playing
  • Youtube: fix mobile site video not playing
  • Multimedia: fix RTSP support for Android applications
  • Multimedia: fix some web radio applications by adding basic M3U support
  • Audio: apply shorter steps in audio balance tuning
  • Audio: fix sound glitch on system notification while playing music
  • Music browser: fix album view crash on scroll with a lot of albums
  • Music: support samba protected directory access
  • Thumbnails: resolve thumbs generation freeze
  • Indexing: improve rescan robustness
  • Indexing: fix scanning not restarting after connecting device on PC or ejecting SDCard
  • Network shares: large files (>2GB) can now be played
  • Wi-Fi: fix disabling power saving not working
  • Wi-Fi: enable IEEE802.11n support
  • Wi-Fi: achieve faster reconnection
  • SD Card: fix sd card removal not being taken into account
  • Storage: enable EXT3 file system support and migration
  • USB keyboard: fix external directional keys layout when rotating the device
  • Memory: enable 32MB swap by default and increase it to 64MB after Android reset or full device reformat
  • Applications: fix applications disappearing sometimes between reboots
  • Applications: fix unit not responsive after Google voice search use
  • Power management: allow to define deep sleep mode by default in settings/about device/power management
  • VPN: PPTP VPN support has been fixed  
What it means is that Archos is standing behind this generation of tablet devices with all their resources.  The same download will work for their 28it, 32it, 43it, 70it, and 101it. To install it just copy the downloaded file to the uppermost folder on your device. Then disconnect from the USB cable to have it begin the install.   Many users have reported the devices themselves will find and download it directly, as well as install it.



  1. hello sir,

    Does Archos 5 (500GB) also run on android 2.2.. ? The website says it runs on 1.6. Was planning of buying one. .. so.. .

  2. @Puneeth: No, the 5 runs 1.6 as far as I know.