Monday, October 19, 2009

iriver P7 Dock

If you enjoy watching movies off a 4.3" screen, the iriver P7 is a great little device for you. The hardest part though is holding the blocky player at a good viewing angle. Iriver teased us when first showing off the P7 by showing it with it's own speaker/charging/syncing dock that holds it up at the perfect angle for viewing. You can now buy that dock, and the price is reasonable. You can find it at ($49.99) or ($36). Both include an AC adapter with it now.

The speaker output isn't loud, but fine for your own enjoyment in a quiet space. The headphone jack of the P7 is still accessible and active if you need louder audio. The Dock has a built-in Li-Polymer 2000mAh battery. You can charge your P7 from the dock's battery. You can charge both using the include adapter while the P7 is in the dock and the AC adapter is powering the dock. To charge the dock you need the AC adapter. It will not recharge over USB.

At $36 I find it a great deal. It makes my P7 seem complete.



  1. Hi,
    On the subject of the iRiver Spinn, I noticed your comment on Amazon. I have macular degeneration, so I need a MP3 player with large menu text or really distinctive icons. I thought the Spinn might be it. Now that I have been through your blog, I would value your opinion on devices with the most easy to read navigation systems. Size matters!


  2. Hi Estalson,

    Of all my players, the only one that might help is the Cowon S9. In almost every text list there is a slider to enlarge the text size. You have a couple of choices for main menus, and the icon arrangement should be easy to memorize for main applications. UI logic is a little unique going into the player before letting you go back to the file lists, but it's easy to get used to. Icons don't scale and are a little criptic, and even those with good vision have to figure them out once.

    I hope that helps.