Thursday, September 17, 2009

iPod Nano with Video Camera

Yes, Apple updated iPods again. The Touch is faster with a larger capacity. The Classic is has more capacity. The Shuffle can be had in more colors and at a lower price/capacity. All pretty boring. The only iPod that cornered my attention this September is the Nano. Let's look at the 16gb version:

- Lower price. $179 down from $199.
- Video camera.
- Pedometer. Coordinates with Nike+ if you use it.
- Microphone. No headphone microphone required for voice notes.
- Speaker.
- FM radio with RDS and song tagging for later purchase (Zune ripoff) and 15 minute buffer (iPod original).
- Voice prompts (optional).
- Larger screen. Always a good idea.
- Polished colors. Yes, more fingerprint prone.

If all you do is the math, the new Nano is by far the best iPod value you can find today. Compare to the 4gb Shuffle at $79. Add $100 to get 4 times the capacity and all the features I listed above.

This Nano is nearly a miracle from Apple. FM radio? That was a "pigs fly" moment. Not only did it get a radio, but that 15 minute buffer makes it THE best FM radio out there at the moment. Of course it's not the first player to have an FM radio. It doesn't have FM recording capability. It doesn't have HD radio like the new Zune HD does. There are other players with these features if you need or want them.

In case I forgot to mention, the Nano also plays movies and music and podcasts, displays photos Contains a calendar, Contacts list, Notes display, 3 games, clocks, and a To Do list. It's also beautiful. I'll leave complaining about the camera lens placement to others. I'm skipping an audio quality comparison. No grades for individual apps.
Should you buy yourself a new Nano? There are dozens of other players that cost less money. There is nothing else on the market with this mix of hardware and features though, so YES. I bought the blue 16gb Nano, engraved. Last thing I needed. The only new iPod I wanted.


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  1. It's very beautiful,but i did not found it in Electronic market in our city!