Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pre-Order your Zune HD Now!

If you signed up for more info, you probably got the same email I did this morning. Now Amazon's Zune HD page will let you pre-order either the 16gb or 32gb Zune HD, and they have the HD docks and other accessories for pre-order as well.

Full specifications can be found at Microsoft's store. If you can resist pre-ordering one, and don't mind buying directly from Microsoft after September 15th, you can get custom engraving on 5 different colors. Anywhere else the choices are black (16gb) and platinum (32gb).


1 comment:

  1. It looks nice. I'm very curious about it and the price is fine with me but I'm gonna wait and think it over a long while. There are no digital radio stations in my area and not a lot of WiFi places either. I don't think I'd care to view the internet on that small of a screen. Besides, I ordered a Cowon S9 and I'm expecting it in a few days. I hope to be happy with it.