Tuesday, May 26, 2009

ZuneHD. Coming This Fall!

It's official: www.zune.net/zunehd
Coming: September 5th, 2009.

Multi-touch interface.
HD radio.
WiFi with IE-based browser.
AMOLED screen, 3.3", 480 x 272

I've always wished someone would make a device that combined the best features of the iPod Touch, the Cowon S9, the Samsung P3, and so on.

This ZuneHD may come very close. It's got the amazing screen of the S9. It's thin like the P3. It supports videos up to 720p (1280 x 720) and can play them out via an accessory dock to your HDTV. Wifi and Multi-touch of the iPod Touch.

Yes, I'll probably get one.

And there is an indication the Zune 120/80 will also get a firmware update that brings, perhaps, a browser to it. ;)



  1. I'm waiting to hear capacities before I make a decision but otherwise this is looking like a winner. I had a 120GB Zune and loved it but unless the HD touches on the >80GB range I'm out.

  2. I agree, runfromfire. Microsoft is keeping those specs close to it's vest, and we're all waiting. If they make a HD based Zune it probably will be a simple update to the current 120. I'd love to see them stick the 3" OLED touchscreen screen on the Zune 120, but it won't be the sleek thin product the photo above aludes to.

  3. Give me bluetooth and I'm all over it. Otherwise I'll keep waiting for that perfect mp3 player.

  4. glad to see you're still posting, 4D. i hope that this rollout of the zune does come in high-capacity. also wanting bluetooth.

  5. Hey 4DThinker, it's been a while since I visited this site, but I have found some additional specs but I don't know for sure whether it is accurate but I still think it is worth while to look at ;)


    keep up the good work,