Sunday, April 12, 2009

Home-Made Tripod Mount for the AAXA P1 Projector

One of the things that bothers me about the little AAXA pico projector is that it doesn't come with a tripod mounting hole. Nextar, who sells their own version of this same projector, recognized the need and packages a custom mounting bracket/tripod with theirs. Using the P1 is difficult without a stable platform, so I set about to create my own. I started with a scrap of 1/4" clear plastic, 3.625" x 3.625" square. There is a single hole in the bottom of the P1 which I decided to use as my reference point. A 5/32" hole through the plastic lets me push a banana plug though it and into that hole.

The banana plug expands into the hole so it won't fall out. So far it's the best removable pin I could find. It keeps the P1 from sliding off the platform. I cut a slot in the plastic to expose the vents in the bottom of the P1. I pressed 5mm (0.1969 inches) shelf pins into 3/16" (0.1875) holes on each side of the platform. These keep the P1 from spinning about the banana plug.

The tripod itself is an inexpensive one I found at my local Target store. You could use any tripod that has a 1/4" threaded post and doesn't interfere with the protruding banana plug. I found the approximate center of mass below the P1, then drilled (#7 drill bit) and tapped (1/4-20) the hole for the tripod post.

An easy project if you've got some tools. I cut the plastic on my bandsaw, then filed the edges smooth. I drilled a 5/16" hole for the vent slot, then used the bandsaw to extend that hole to the edge of the plastic. I used a drill press to drill all the holes. I don't recommend using a hand-held drill. I even used the drill press to press the metal pins into their slightly undersized holes in the plastic.

Those side pins were precisely positioned, and leave no room for the P1 to move between them. Notice that they don't block any vents or interfere with controls/jacks on the P1.

All in all I'm happy with this prototype. I like the clear plastic but it's gotten a little scratched up in the process. I've got some black fusion paint I may eventually use to paint it black. Stay tuned for my "Easy, Portable Projection Screen" post.



  1. I gotta question. I’m not too familiar with how Bluetooth works but if I have two MP3 players each one having Bluetooth, say the P2 and the S9, could I set the Bluetooth on the P2 to connect with the S9 and the S9 to work with the P2 so that I can hear music from one player that is actually coming from another?

  2. Good question. The S9 only supports bluetooth A2DP, meaning it will connect and play audio to a stereo headphone or set of bluetooth speakers.

    The P2 would then have to work as a headphone. It can do that when paired with a cell phone, but that's a different protocal than what the S9 supports.

    You've got my curiousity up now. I've got two P2s, and I'm intrigued to see if they can walkie-talkie with each other using the 2-way phone headset protocals.

    Ironically the Latte iVu I reviewed has an FM broadcaster in it. I've been able to listen to music off it from ANY player that has an FM radio. Works with my P2, Zune, S9, Clip, P7, etc. Anything but my ipods.