Tuesday, November 4, 2008

NEW! The Samsung YP-P3.

OK, so it's still in the womb. Yet the baby P3 has been seen (using ultrasound?) and is due any time now. It is the successor to Samsung's Yp-P2, an amazing little touchscreen player released late last year (2007). While the P2 was born in the MP3 division at Samsung, that division has since been rolled into the cell phone division. The P3's mom is a cell phone. In addition to every feature the P2 has, the P3 gains:

- Haptic touchscreen feedback.
- An evolved UI, sharing features with Samsungs mobile phones.
- Widgets, including at least one that normally needs an internet connection! Confirmed Calendar and Clocks. One more still a mystery.
- A new case, with an anodized aluminum back. The P2's case is painted stainless steel. The P3 is a durable matt black color like the new iPod Nanos (black).
- A speaker (confirmed!). A great addition for game audio, and improving the P3's usefulness as a cell phone headset when paired with your phone via bluetooth.
- More memory. A 32GB version is expected "later".
- Gone is the lower center LED. You know, the spot that most early reviewers thought was a home button e.g. iPod Touch.
- Below the screen are what appears to be backlit touch sensitive controls. I've seen left and right arrows. Similar to the T10's controls. It is possible they only show up when there is a use for them. It's also possible these command graphics can change as the use for them changes. Perhaps a back or home graphic replaces a left arrow when within a player application.
- There is what looks like a Flash Player application. No clues what it's use may be. Could be for flash games, or even YouTube Videos. Perhaps it opens up the P3 for custom games written in Flash.

The screen stays the same size; an excellent widescreen 480 x 272. There was a momentary rumor it might me AMOLED, a technology that would increase battery life by eliminating the need for a backlight. It would be nice, but this rumor was retracked quickly. It might not be true, or it might be something Samsung didn't want leaked. Haptic technology suggests the front of the P3 is all glass (it vibrates better than plastic), meaning it will be framed like the face of an iPod Touch or any Samsung Touchscreen phone. The P2's plastic face wraps around it's sides.

Of course most of my info is just hints and extrapolation based on what's been posted around. Look here and here for more as it becomes available. You'll even find some photos now.


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  1. my next sammy device was be the Samsung nv100hd - digital camera -... but, really, i can't wait for the p2 successor... i hope an amazing-amazed device.