Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Philips BTM630/37 Dock. Amazing!

Photo from Philips:If you've ever wished you could find a speaker dock that would work with ANY music device, Philips was apparently listening. Their BTM630 dock supports:

- AM/FM radio with RDS
- iPods, including the iPod Touch.
- CDs
- CDR/CDRWwith MP3s on the disc.
- SD cards with music files on them.
- USB thumb drives or players with music files on them.
- AUX input, from any media player with a headphone jack
- Bluetooth devices, including cell phones and media players.
- Paired with your bluetooth cell phone, it can serve as a speaker phone.
- You can rip music from a CD directly to SD or USB devices.
- Sleep timer option
- Alarm (wake up) option.

It comes with a nice remote control, batteries for the remote, a 3.5mm to 3.5mm patch cord, several ipod dock inserts, and both an AM and FM antenna. There is a headphone/line-out jack on the back.

I've been able to pair my PC, Instinct, Samsung P2, Insignia Pilot, and Philips SA5245BT with this dock, and it remembers each device.

This dock has two ported 3" drivers (speakers) up front, and what looks like a single 1" tweeter on the bottom. It's a little weak on bass, as can be expected with all small docks, but includes DBB (Digital Bass Boost) which helps. Music is full and impressive, better than from my iHome and Altec Lansing docks. The case is sculpted and ported to reduce internal reflections, leaving the music crisp and clear.

The front center is a mirrored rectangle with the CD slot in the center. Turning the Philips ON reveals the bright blue LCD display. I'm not a big fan of these blue displays, but this one is legible and relatively large.
The Philips BTM630 retails for around $200, but will go on sale occasionally for $169 or so.
I love this dock. It works with every media player I own. It looks nice, and works as promised. I rate this an A+ purchase, and highly recommend it.


  1. Have you tried streaming music to it from a bluetooth-enabled device (i.e. a2dp)?

    Any idea what the sound quality is like in that situation?

  2. It sounds great no matter what it's source is. I've paired my Samsung P2, P3, T10, Cowon S9, Insignia Pilot, a Philips Gogear, and my Samsung phone with it. All use A2DP and so long as the music on them is of good quality it's hard to discern bluetooth playback from playback off a USB or SD card.

  3. i have an Ipod shuffle, how this is connected ? thanks.

  4. With no standard iPod dock port, the Shuffle will connect through it's headphone jack using the included patch cable. You might also get it to work using the Shuffle's USB cable plugged into the Philip's USB jack.