Friday, June 20, 2008

Samsung Instinct Unboxing

I signed up with Sprint today and picked up the new Samsung Instinct to serve as my everything device. The Instinct is a touchscreen phone that Samsung is pitting against the new iPhone. I chose the Instinct because AT&T doesn't have 3G service in my area, and the iPhone doesn't have as many features. This post is not a review. I'll get around to that after I've had more time to play with the Instinct. You can go to to find out more about it. Outer box. $129.99 (after a $100 rebate).

Contents listed on the end of the outer box.

Attractive gray inner box. The Instinct and accessories are well packed inside.

The first thing you find when opening the box is the Instinct.

Lift the top section out to find everything else.

Slip case, external battery charger, software, manuals, sync cable, earbuds.

Here is the Instinct and the Samsung P2 side by side for comparison.

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